Build a Solution to Fit your Process

We provide a complete solution from scanning your patient’s face through to the design of a perfect prosthetic. However, as an open system, it allows you to build a solution which meets your exact needs.

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Scan with ...
3D Medical Cameras

3D Medical Cameras

Our Digital Laboratory process starts with the capture and display of a full colour model of your patient’s face using a non-contact 3D medical photography scanner.

We can provide a 3D face scanner which matches your exact needs. All our scanner partners are selected carefully to ensure that their equipment give the best quality results to the highest level of accuracy. All the systems we provide take no more than 2 seconds to capture a patient’s face as a 3D colour model.

This 3D model completely replaces the traditional slow and traumatic casting process.

Design with ...


Driven by a need to reduce patient trauma, whilst reducing waiting times and number of procedures, our FaceMaker software is a wizard-based tool which allows prosthetists to quickly design perfectly fitting prosthetics from 3D medical photographs.

The unique 3D colour model of your patient is the starting point for our FaceMaker software wizard. From there you can select an appropriate ‘donor’ shape from a library of face scans, a family member scan or a mirror of a patient feature.

The wizard allows you use your skills to position, size and orientate the donor shape in six easy steps to give the best aesthetic result. The process software blends the donor model with the patient’s face to create a 3D design, ready for rapid prototyping.

Manufacture with ...
Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

The output from FaceMaker is compatible with any type of rapid prototyping equipment. We can introduce you to the right company whether you want to buy a rapid prototype machine for the manufacture of the prosthetic form or chose to use a Rapid prototyping service bureau.  The physical model created can then be used to create the silicon prosthetic tool.

This process allows you to focus your skills upon the process of creating and colouring a custom silicon prosthetic, which will be a perfect fit to your patient’s face.  The result is a high quality, perfect fitting, long lasting prosthetic for your patient.



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